Artist Asset Development / Internships

March 31, 2024

Organization Name: The Society for Performance & Visual Arts

Organization Location: Tysons, VA

Type: Internships

Fee: Free


The SPVA proudly presents the “Artist Asset Development Symposium,” an immersive four-week program meticulously designed to empower emerging artists with a holistic digital toolkit. In today’s digital age, an artist’s online presence is as crucial as their creative skill. This symposium serves as a guiding light, steering participants through a journey focused on refining their digital identity. Through interactive sessions and expert-led workshops, attendees gain expertise in leveraging social media, optimizing digital portfolios, and mastering presentation skills tailored for the online world. This comprehensive program not only fosters practical skills but also cultivates a professional yet authentic digital narrative, emphasizing the fusion of creativity and professionalism. Join this dynamic environment to collaborate, learn, and forge connections in a thriving community. The “Artist Asset Development Symposium” epitomizes the SPVA’s dedication to empowering the next generation of artists to navigate and thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

About The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA):
The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA) is a vibrant and forward-thinking nonprofit arts organization devoted to nurturing the growth and sustainability of creative pursuits. We firmly believe that artistic passion and financial stability can coexist comfortably, and we are dedicated to equipping emerging artists and leaders with the tools to transform this belief into a tangible reality. By becoming a member of the SPVA, you will have access to our network at large which will allow you to connect with arts leaders throughout the world.

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