Artist-In-Residence 2022 Open AIR Opportunities / Residencies

March 6, 2022

Organization Name: Open AIR

Organization Location: Missoula, MT

Type: Residencies

Fee: $30


Open AIR is a place-based Artist-in-Residence program that connects artists with culturally, historically and ecologically significant locations through collaborative partnerships in Western Montana. With innovative opportunities available in places such as remote wilderness areas to historically significant sites closer to town, artists will have the opportunity to draw inspiration from a regional community dedicated to preserving place, environment and the arts. All our residencies are about 5 weeks long.

Opportunities are open to artists from all artistic disciplines. Equipment and assistance varies, we work together with members of the community to offer support for different practices. Restrictions may apply, if you have particular needs or questions please contact .Lodging is variable, and depends on the opportunity – please check the listings you are interested in to learn more about the specific details about lodging.

All artist-in-Residence come with guaranteed financial support, please see the specific opportunity for more details. Stipends are typically $25/day. If you are interested in receiving a stipend. There is no fee to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program. Artists are responsible for travel and food while in Residence.

All Artists-in-Residence will have access to a studio space in a unique location. Each artist will have the opportunity to present/share their work in some way with the community and have additional community engagement opportunities. For more information about each studio space please refer to the website at
Artists are expected to participate in weekly check-ins, provide feedback about their experience, and be flexible and communicative.

All artists will be able to select up to 3 opportunities to apply for with their application fee ($30/$25 for Montana-based Artists).

Opportunity Website