ATH Magazine Issue #4 / Calls & Submissions

August 28, 2023

Organization Name: Call For Art Projects

Organization Location: Online

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $35


Application Details:
The Arts To Hearts Project is excited to collaborate with selected artists to create the ATH Magazine Issue 4 released in November- December 2023. Each artist will be featured with four pages dedicated to their work and an interview. As a token of our appreciation, each artist will receive a complimentary digital copy of the magazine and have the chance to be featured on social media. Additionally, they will receive a discount on books for their family and friends.

Sanctuary: Exploring the Depths of our Inner and Outer Worlds
Sanctuary is an elusive yet powerful concept that can manifest in countless ways. It can be a physical place, a mental space, or a moment in time that provides us with a sense of safety, comfort, and peace. For this exhibition, we invite artists to explore the many forms of sanctuary that exist in our world, and how they can be a source of refuge, solace, and healing in our lives.

We encourage artists to use this theme as a prompt to reflect on their current work or create something new. How do you interpret and represent the idea of sanctuary? Is it a quiet forest, a cherished memory, a trusted friend, or a mental space you create for yourself? Show us your unique perspective on what sanctuary means to you.

We welcome submissions that showcase how sanctuary can be found in nature, relationships, memories, and even in the depths of our own minds. We are interested in a range of mediums and styles, from painting and sculpture to photography and mixed media. We encourage artists to experiment with different techniques and mediums to explore the theme of sanctuary.

For example, a sanctuary can be found in the natural world. A secluded beach, a dense forest, or a mountain peak can all offer a sense of escape and peace. A sanctuary can also be found in the people we surround ourselves with. A close friend or family member can provide comfort and support during difficult times.

Eligible Artists:
Women Artists of all academic disciples are welcome to apply. This includes painting, sculpture, photography, installation, Digital, etc.. Works must be submitted in a printable format. High res images.

At Arts To Hearts Project, we are passionate about amplifying the voices of emerging and contemporary women artists from all over the world. We are a self-funded publication and community that relies on submission fees to cover costs and keep our mission alive. Our goal is to provide a platform to celebrate the creativity and talent of these incredible women and share their stories with the world.

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