Awakening: Transforming Experiences Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

February 28, 2023

Organization Name: Love for Immigrants

Organization Location: Online

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


This open call invites visual artists in the DMV area focus on (sculpture, painting, textile, photography and mix media art) and other creatives interested in participating in the Hybrid Exhibition Awakening (Transforming Experiences) will be held in person on April 1st through April 8th at Homme DC a venue for communal, transformative experience at a time when people need it most. The Virtual exhibition will be through Occupy White Walls and Love for Immigrants’ website

Even if artists are not accepted for the 2023 exhibit, all artists who apply will become part of the Love for Immigrants community.

Open to all materials, especially materials used by cultures around the world. Upcycling art is also especially appreciated during these times of worsening climate change.

We wish to be as inclusive as possible and welcome artists from not just all disciplines and cultures but also from all ages, abilities, classes, races, philosophies, religions/nonreligions, sexuality/gender, and walks of life. Whether you are a novice artist or experienced artist, you are welcomed. Whether you are an artisan or a fine artist you are welcomed.

We encourage the artists to create an art work specifically for this call.

Our theme is Awakening; Transforming Experience. The theme would be relevant to our current times. Humanity is dealing with a crisis related to so many social ills including what could be a war between 2 powerhouses (US and Russia). Immigrants and refugees are dealing with so much. In order to move forward with creative solutions and open up our hearts to possibilities and move away from fear; catharsis might be necessary. This exhibit would be a way for artists to express how they have transformed their minds, emotions, spirit and communities through artistic means. To feel love and joy more fully as well as to expand all that we are.

Through the reflections of the above text, we are interested in selecting art material that generates questions about:

  • What do transformative experiences look like for immigrant/single moms, daca students, refugees, kids at the border/detention centers, children of immigrants trying to navigate 2 or more cultures, someone without regular access to shelter, immigrant women who survived domestic violence etc.) ?
  • How do we awaken, explore and transform our emotions, thoughts, situations and lives?
  • Do you want to tell the story of your journey through the arts?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the migration narrative through creativity?
  • Do you believe in the transformative power art has to heal individuals and communities?
Application Guidelines Summary: 
  1. Artists Included & Focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging (age, sex, gender, minorities, disability, beliefs/religion, race, class, ethnicity/culture, perspective)
    1. Immigrants (immigrants, children of immigrants) (migrants, anyone that feels they had an immigrant experience. (Any theme)
    2. Allies- talked about immigration in artwork
    3. Experienced or Novice (all welcomed)
  1. Mediums

The mediums that will be best for the in person and virtual exhibit is visual art. However, all other types of art mediums can be considered for different aspects of the exhibit.

  • Musicians can be considered for the exhibit music list.
  • Writers and poets can be considered if the visual text can be exhibited or to do a reading of a quote from the text.
  • Performance artists and dancers can be considered as performers for our opening or if there is a visual art product from the performance that can be displayed it can be considered for the exhibit.


  1. Align with the Exhibit Theme
    1. Awakening
    2. Transforming Experiences / Catharsis
  2. Complexity of the Immigrant experience- shows the different identities, background and ideas.
  3. Universal subthemes of the artists’ concepts- (Feelings, life journey story, artivism)
  4. Quality- subjective to the judge’s interpretation of aesthetic and technique.
  5. Message- subjective to the judge’s interpretation (helpful if aligned with our mission in some way).

***Important Note: Artwork that is not retraumatizing. Family friendly/No hateful speech or forms of expression.

Submission Guidelines
  • Complete the following application here.
  • Provide your name, contact details (email), and a link to your social media and website.
  • Collection of personally identifiable information from artists will be solely for the purpose of communicating internally on the collaborative 2023 exhibit and future potential collaborations. Your information will not be sold to third parties.
  • Provide the  title of artwork, type of media/medium, and a brief bio (50-word max).
  • Please include the size of the work and the price of the work.
  • Each visual artist may enter a maximum of 3 artworks (1 image each).
  • Layout
    • Preferred 8×11 @ 300 dpi max (Hi Res)
  • Each artists will be asked to submit a photograph of themselves and an artist vision
  • Any writing can be submitted either written or in audio.
  • Any art media accepted (beyond visual arts) Artwork created previously by the entrant but modified for this use is acceptable.
  • Love 4 Immigrants is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of the internet or any website, including uploading issues, injury or damage to artists’ or to any other person’s computer related to, or resulting from, participating or downloading materials in this platform for the Love 4 Immigrants project and 2023 exhibit.
  • Submission past the deadline is disqualified

This event/showcase is a not for profit event and we will respect the copyrights of the material received and selected. The criteria for selection is based on the concept of the Open call. Seeing the work does not guarantee its inclusion, but work that does not meet the calls criteria might be considered for future showcases with the permission and agreement of the artist.

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