Boise Visual Chronicle & Portable Works Purchase

July 26, 2019

Organization Name: Artist Trust

Organization Location: Artist Trust

Type: N/A

Fee: $0.00


DEADLINE: July 26th, 2019 at 3pm Mountain Standard Time
In 2017, the Arts & History Commission endorsed a statement on cultural equity. In recognition of the initiative, the Department of Arts & History will strive to accession works into the collections which serve to reflect the rich and diverse past, present, and future of the Boise community.
“To support a full creative life for all, Americans for the Arts commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive, and equitable nation.” Cultural equity embodies the values, policies, and practices that ensure that all people—including, but not limited to, those who have been historically underrepresented based on race or ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion—are represented. Cultural equity is critical to the long-term viability of the arts sector. The prominent presence of artists challenges inequities and encourages alternatives.
Boise City invites artists to apply for the opportunity to have artwork purchased and accessioned into the City of Boise’s Public Art Collection. Artists are invited to apply with existing artwork that is unframed and currently available for purchase.

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