Broken Forms / Calls & Submissions

August 30, 2024

Organization Name: LoosenArt

Organization Location: Millepiani, Rome

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Call for Exhibition │Free entry
Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design
Group Exhibition in Rome. November 2024

Fragments of matter or of an idea, broken and interrupted, or inter-ruptured, forms, disintegrated by human behavior or by nature, an action-effect that makes the nature of its composition and its existence even more concrete, manifesting its fragility and its ephemeral utilitarian and/or meaningful function.

Starting with the cubist aesthetics, the fragmentation of forms became the object of analysis of perception: such a fragmentation and reorganization of forms meant that a work no longer had to be seen as a window through which the image of the world is seen, rather it is a physical object on which a subjective response to the world is created.
The selected works will display form and the loss of its functional entity, with the constitution of new visual compositions and new meanings.

A further interpretation of this call sees the breaking of the form as the trace of a cause and effect that is testament to a violent act: an act that represents the urgent need for change.

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Deadline August, 29th 2024

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