But Once A Year: Holiday Art Market / Calls & Submissions

November 10, 2021

Organization Name: Vestige Concept Gallery

Organization Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $20


But Once A Year: Holiday Art Market seeks to display and sell works of art from any style with the primary focus being on sales, particularly end of year during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Works do not have to express a specific holiday or holiday themes (although this is acceptable), but should be unique art and/or craft items that shoppers would consider purchasing as gifts, and set at affordable prices for casual art buyers. Authentic reproductions, prints, and works that can be sold in multiples will also be accepted for this opportunity.

Deadline and shipping will be rolling through November and artists will be contacted on an individual basis as applications arrive. The first hard cutoff to receive formal notice on your application status will be November 10th.

Vestige Concept Gallery is an in-person arts display space and store located in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville, a fun arts, culture, and shopping neighborhood. We promote and sell works to casual walk-in’s, private clients, as well as online, through mixed exhibitions and events.

Holiday Art Market is accepting works from emerging, mid-career, and/or professional artists. Work should somehow relate to the theme of the show in the sense of “season”, and items that are unique, handmade, fun, small-to-mid sized, and affordable. Examples include ceramics, photography, items made into greeting cards and prints, items geared toward children, holiday or winter themed (not exclusively), jewelry, jewelry boxes, wooden items, sculpture, paintings, watercolors, prints (such as woodblock, screen print etc.), fiber arts and much more.


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