Call For Photography: Abandoned / Calls & Submissions

May 15, 2024

Organization Name: The Chateau Gallery (TCG)

Organization Location: Online

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $20


Call For Photography: Abandoned
International Submission Deadline:
May 15th, 2024 11:59 PM PST

Abandoned is an exhibition exploring abandoned and rediscovered objects, spaces, and structures. A popular genre in the photographic world is the trend of urban exploration (“urbex”), the exploration of abandoned or forgotten places to document the narrative of those who lived or worked there. Through the captured image, we can glimpse the ephemeral nature and memory of ourselves and our surroundings and preserve them before being lost to time and place. What do these structures and objects convey about society as we leave them to decay? What is the essence of time and place, and what-or whom-are we abandoning?

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