Ceramics Studio Assistant at Liz Larner Studio / Employment

August 11, 2023

Organization Name: Liz Larner Studio

Organization Location: Northwest Washington

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


Liz Larner Studio is seeking a creative, driven, and experienced Ceramic Studio Assistant to participate and oversee the production, maintenance, and inventory of a ceramics studio within a professional studio art practice. The Studio Assistant will work closely with Liz Larner and the Studio Manager in the upkeep and operations of the clay studio while contributing to the production and oversight of all ceramic sculptures. This role offers a distinct opportunity to take part in planning, organizing, and establishing a ceramics studio in a newly constructed studio space. The Studio Assistant will be expected to maintain the kilns, studio and all related operations while following workplace and material conscious safety guidelines and procedures.

● Assists with the production of ceramic works as well as oversee the maintenance and inventory of the ceramics studio.
● Manages and maintains all ceramic materials (clay and glazes) and related equipment.
● Contributes to the production and oversight of large-scale ceramic sculptures.
● Operates electric kilns (Skutt) including structural and electrical maintenance and care, including replacing coils, deconstructing and reconstructing the kiln, along with setting computer elements.
● Operates and maintains clay recycling processes, including using a Peter Pugger pug mill and plaster wedging tables.
● Develops artworks, projects, and processes from verbal descriptions along with schematics and sketches to troubleshoot the feasibility in clay fabrication and/or related materials.

● At least 5 years of experience in a ceramic studio/s (or related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience).
● Broad knowledge of clay bodies, mixing, and working stages of clay.
● Broad knowledge of glaze chemistry and mixing with an interest in experimentation.
● Strong organizational and time management skills including the ability to multitask, prioritize, and independently manage varied projects while maintaining a clean, organized ceramics studio.
● Self-motivated, reliable, trustworthy and attentive to task completion and enjoys working in a creative environment while learning and developing new processes.
● Effective communicator and willing to work collaboratively with a small team.
● Proficiency in basic computer software and programs.
● Follows all necessary safety measures and guidelines in all working processes with emphasis on the handling of hazardous materials in a ceramics studio.
● Proficient in exercising discretion and confidentiality.

Compensation & Benefits:
Starting at 30/hrs up to possibly 40/hrs per week, Monday-Thursday
Starting pay is $20-$25 an hour depending on skills assessed during a training period at the studio.
60-day trial period, after which there are additional benefits.


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