Change Open Call / Calls & Submissions

September 30, 2019

Organization Name: Murze

Organization Location: Print/Online

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: £8


Politics/ Social/ Environmental/ Systematic this is an open call for artists and writers exploring and fighting for change in all its forms.

What we are looking for:

This open call seeks to encourage artists and writers focusing on alternativism and idealistic positive changes for society. We will be focusing on the topic of ‘change’ increasingly over the coming months as a direct result of the current political turmoil and complacency. To launch this discussion we are seeking work from artists and writers using their work as a basis to explore positive change.

Throughout this year Murze has focused on issues surrounding Climate Change, Society and community and the political landscape. We have explored work from artists such as Lindsey Peterson whose work focused on mystery and completes in faith and community, Spike Dennis seeking to expose climate change deniers and Gilles Dusabe challenging racism and race as a social construct.

This artist call hopes to combine morally, socially and politically challenging topics shared by artists, widening the discussion and advocating for constructive change. Instead of focusing on these issues individually we firmly believe they should form part of the same conversation, and through the platform of Murze we are keen to explore these ideas with our readers and viewers.

We invite artists and writers of all genres to submit your work to this artist call. This is a broad brief and has the potential to cover a lot of ground, but we are keen to give everyone a platform to share their ideas, all work submitted to this artist call will form part of an online display of the works across our website, ensuring all artists and writers have the opportunity to share their work and ideas.


Images submitted must be at least 300 DPI
There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.


The works submitted will be reviewed and juried by the Murze team, and six artists and writers will be selected as feature artists as part of murze issue eight, coming out at the end of September. A further selection of artists will have work featured throughout the magazine. All other work will be featured across our website giving the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts.

For more information and to enter head to our website:

Opportunity Website

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