Chaos, Disorder, Displacement Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

November 23, 2019

Organization Name: Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

Organization Location: Cincinnati, OH

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $40 for up to 4 entries / $5 per each additional entry


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists to submit works about chaos, disorder or displacement.

The first and perhaps most common understanding of the word ‘chaos’ is that it is randomness, disorder, interference, or displacement. A more theoretical illustration is Chaos Theory, represented by the often over-simplified ‘butterfly effect’—the concept whereby a butterfly flapping its wings in one place on Earth can cause a hurricane in some far distant location (underlying order in otherwise apparent disorder, revealed through cause and effect.)

Whether simple, or elegantly complex, the idea of chaos lends itself to reflection on personal life, patterns and effects of civilization now and over time, and on existence within the broader Universe. And of course it applies itself nicely to pure visual art expression, discovery, and creation as well.

Artists are encouraged to take a broadly creative view in interpreting the theme. This can include works that reflect how the concept pertains to people, ideas, animals, cultures, current political and social discourses, or even in the broader sense of displacement as an ever changing concept.

This exhibit has no defined expectation for type or style of work to be considered or selected. Submissions can range from the most traditional realism to the most conceptual, abstract, or experimental.

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