Chasing Shadows: A Northwest Regional Juried Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

September 4, 2021

Organization Name: Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Organization Location: Port Angeles, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $15 for 3 entries


The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center invites artists to apply for a Northwest regional juried exhibition themed around the mysterious and the unknown.
Across many traditions, poets and prophets have used shadow as a rich metaphor for the ephemeral, the hidden, and the unknown. In Plato’s allegorical cave, prisoners mistake shadows for reality; in Jungian psychology, shadow is the unconscious inner self. Only through deliberate, ongoing effort can we uncover the elusive mysteries within the shadows.
Whether it’s a playful tiptoe around the edges of the shadows or a full-fledged survey of their darkest depths, this exhibition invites artists to journey into the shadowlands and see what mysteries will be revealed there.
Selected works will be exhibited from October 8 – November 14, 2021, in the historic Esther Webster Gallery in Port Angeles, WA.

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