CHROMACOSM / Calls & Submissions

January 21, 2024

Organization Name: Schack Art Center

Organization Location: Everett, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


AEA Exhibit 2024
Color is intangible; we do not taste, smell, feel or hear it, yet it permeates our existence in ways we often overlook.
Chromacosm will explore our universe of color and the vast ways we interact with color every day.
Schack Art Center invites artists from all backgrounds to join us in exploring the intricate world of color through the lens of art education. Schack is seeking work for our 2024 Arts Education in Action exhibit. This annual exhibit is visited by over 2,000 children and their educators from Snohomish County schools. Field trips include a docent-led tour, an art activity related to the exhibit, and a glassblowing demonstration. Teachers receive curriculum materials to prepare the students before their visit and to return the experience to the classroom.
The educational aspect of this exhibition specifically pertains to aspects of color that relate to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). Artists are encouraged to submit artwork that has a connection to one or more aspects of STEAM, such as chemistry of pigments, biology of color perception, etc.. We encourage artists to explore the theme broadly, from the scientific aspects of color in the natural world to its impact on human culture, psychology, and aesthetics. Whether your work delves into the play of light and shadow, the symbolism of color, or personal experiences related to color, we welcome your unique perspective.
We seek entirely monochromatic, exhibit-specific work in all categories and media (drawing, painting, sculpture, glass, wood, metal, jewelry, papier mache, clay, concrete, etc.), accompanied by detailed explanation of the materials, concepts explored, underlying science, and any other specific information that may help unlock the mysteries of color. Work must be entirely monochromatic, including any framing, matting, display elements, etc.
mono·chro·mat·ic ˌ(mä-nə-krō-ˈma-tik): having or consisting of one color or hue
Please read the following submission instructions:
Please email all submissions to before the submission deadline.
• Make the subject line of email Chromacosm Submission.
• Artists are allowed up to six images, jpgs ONLY.
• Label each jpg: artist name_ title_medium_size_price.
• Do not send links, pdfs, websites, videos, drop box or google accounts. These will be disqualified.
• At this time, we are currently not accepting artwork created with AI elements.
• Please send all submissions in ONE complete email.
• In the body of the email, list for each image:
o Artist name
o Title
o Medium
o Size
o Price
o Additional useful information
• If the email you are sending from IS NOT the artist submitting, or you are assisting an artist for submission, please make that abundantly clear.

Useful information:
All submitted artwork must be for sale and not previously shown at Schack Art Center, with Schack taking 40% commission on all sales. Do not submit NFS work.
This is a juried exhibit with rules for submission and standards for acceptance.
Not all submitted work will be accepted.
• DEADLINE for submissions: Sunday, January 21, 2024 @ 11:59pm
• Notifications sent out by: Friday, January 26, 2024 @ 5pm
• Exhibit dates: March 28-June 9, 2024
• Opening reception: March 28, 2024, 5-8pm
• Delivery date for accepted work and pickup date for unsold work will be included in acceptance email.

Helpful submission tips:
• Read and follow all instructions.
• To ensure our notification email does not go to your spam or junk folder, add to your contacts.
• If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask!
• Email all questions about the exhibit to .
• General Schack inquiries can be directed to
• Pay attention to, and meet, deadlines.
• Send only clear, quality images cropped to JUST the artwork.
• Take your photos straight on with as little tilt and glare as possible.
• If working with 3D artwork, keep your background clean, monotone and free of clutter.
• IMPORTANT: Label all images by changing the file name. (You should always label your images: artist name_ title_medium_size_price).
For example: Gloria Jones_Windswept_oil on canvas_12”x12”_$480.jpg
• Artwork will be juried based on: adherence to the parameters of the call, the completeness and quality of the submission (clear photos), attention to instructions, and the quality of the work.
Thanks so much, and we look forward to your submissions!

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