City of SeaTac Utility Box Art Wrap Call for Artists / Calls & Submissions

June 30, 2022

Organization Name: City of SeaTac

Organization Location: SeaTac, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


City of SeaTac Utility Cabinet Art Wrap Call for Artists

This program supports the vitality and attractiveness of the city, as well as local artists. This opportunity is open to Artists working in all mediums so long as the final artwork can be successfully translated to a digital file for print so it can be converted to vinyl wrap. Artists will be given artwork credit on the box.
Deadline for applications is June 30th, 2022 at 5 p.m to Mason Giem, Public Works Programs Coordinator

• 5-12-22: Request for artists published
• 6-30-22: Artist applications due
• 8-1-22: Artist selections announced


1. Please submit the following four items by email to
2. Include Wrap followed by your Name in the subject line.
3. We suggest sending items 1 and 2, as PDF documents.
4. Word documents are also acceptable.
5. Emails over 10 MB in size may need to be sent in multiple messages.
6. Please do not send zip files.

1. Short Written Responses

Submit responses to the following questions, in one page or less (combined).Include artist’s name, address, phone, email address and year of birth listed clearly at the top of the document.Name the file with the applicant’s Last Name, underscore, Responses. Example: Smith_Responses
Questions to be answered:

1. How will your artwork and imagery translate successfully to this form of art?
2. How will your artwork take into consideration multiple types of viewers – pedestrians, motorists, cyclists?
3. What themes or inspiration inform your artwork? Indicate how you have incorporated these themes or inspirations into the artwork you’ve submitted.
2. Professional Resume

 Resume should not exceed 2 pages and should include: artist’s name, address, phone, email address.
 List most recent public art and/or art experience first.
3. Artwork Submissions (up to 3)

 Name the file with applicant’s Last Name, underscore, Resume. Example: Smith_Resume.
 Up to 10 digital images of the artist’s completed work for each submission.
 Submit JPEG files only (do not use GIF, TIFF, or other formats). File dimensions should be 2050 pixels on the longest side, 72 ppi – 300 ppi, maximum 5MB per file.
Resize images online for free (more options are available)
 Image Optimizer: Click “choose file” to upload image, select “normal”, input max width “2050”, max height “2050”, download resized image.
 Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Click “Resize a photo”, click “upload file” to upload image, input “2050”px for the longest side and the other dimension will auto adjust, at this point ignore the MB number, click “Resize Image”, slide quality level to control the file size for a max file size of 5MB.
 Shopify: Click “Resize your image”, click “upload now” to upload image, select the options for “medium” file size, download resized image.
Files must be titled with a number indicating the viewing order, followed by the applicant’s name.
 The numbers must correspond to the Work Sample Description Sheet.
 Use a “0” in front of single digit numbers and use only letters, numbers, and underscores. Example: 01_Smith.jpg; 02_Smith.jpg
Work Description Sheet (4)
Include Name in the upper left corner of every page.
Images numbered consecutively and listed in the order in which they are to be viewed, include:

 Title of artwork
 Medium
 Dimensions (H” x W” x D”)
 Year work was completed
 Location (City, State. Neighborhood), if applicable
 Funding agency or owner/collection, if applicable
 Brief description of artwork (3 sentences maximum)
 If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project and credit design team or individual collaborators by name and role.
 Name the file with applicant’s Last Name, underscore, WorkSamples. Example: Smith_WorkSamples

Artists will receive up to $1000 for successful submissions.
• $400, 1 piece of art selected
• $700, 2 pieces of artwork selected
• $1000, 3 pieces of artwork selected

 Applicants must live in Washington State.
 Community groups or student groups can apply.
 Applicants cannot be a member of the SeaTac Arts, Culture and Library Advisory Committee or an employee of the City of SeaTac.

 Artists will be selected upon successful submission of application, and selection by the SeaTac Arts, Culture and Library Advisory Committee.
 Designs must be appropriate for display in public spaces and viewing by the general public.
 Designs must engage all 4 sides of the box. The top of the box will not need a design.
 Designs must not have been previously used for utility box art in King County.
 Designs should discourage tagging by limiting the amount of available blank space.
 If submitting three pieces of art, please make them in a similar theme so that we may place the artwork together.
 Themes suggested but not required are:
• Transportation
• Pacific Northwest
• International Connections
• Music

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