Craft 101 Open Call / Residencies

June 1, 2024

Organization Name: Arts Letters and Numbers

Organization Location: Averill Park, New York

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


Arts Letters and Numbers is excited to introduce Craft 1o1, a new model of education grounded in an ethos defined by listening, mentorship and collaboration. Craft 1o1 brings a wide spectrum of practices —material, spatial, and poetic— into close proximity, with the hope of deepening experiences, relationships, and understandings.
Between July 1 and Aug 30, over twenty programs will occur on and around our Averill Park Campus. We aim to create an atmosphere of both depth and openness, offering participants unique skills and learning experiences.

Craft 1o1 aims to revolutionize the educational landscape. At the heart of this vision lies a commitment to prioritizing the unique interests of each person through a transformative framework. The structure will be completely porous, empowering people to freely explore their curiosities. We encourage participants to join multiple programs, and move freely between them, discovering their interests and charting their paths as they go.

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