Deception Pass State Park Summer Artist in Residence Program / Residencies

April 23, 2023

Organization Name: Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

Organization Location: Oak Harbor, WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


For hundreds of years, creatives have immersed themselves in their environment for inspiration. Artist in Residence (AiR) programs in parks continue that tradition by opening opportunities for artists to live and create while surrounded by the natural beauty and cultural significance of public lands.

Deception Pass State Park’s awe-inspiring beauty has caught the imagination of many over the years. With its rocky cliffs, sweeping ocean views, dense old-growth forests, and rich cultural history, Deception Pass captures the eye and challenges the mind.

Each year, selected artists are invited to live in a small, modern cabin on Ben Ure Island (located within Deception Pass Sate Park) and spend a four-week residency practicing their medium.

In exchange for residency the following is asked of the artist:

Project plan: During the selection process, finalist candidates (with the support of park staff) will create a project plan for their residency. The plan will articulate the vision for their creative project and include a proposal for their public program and service.

Public program or artwork donation: Park staff and the resident artist will collaboratively decide (negotiated in the selection process, dependent on medium) whether an artwork donation, workshop, performance, or an alternative are the best way to share the artist’s work with the public. When applicable and appropriate, artists are asked to share a digital portfolio no later than 6 months after the residency ends.

Service & Outreach: During their stay, artists are asked to interact with visitors in the park for:

-A public program, workshop, or demonstration in the park during the final week of the residency, to be created in collaboration with Interpretive Staff.
-8 hours each week (wearing Artist in Residence vest) representing the AiR program while exploring the park, practicing creative medium, or engaging with visitors about their medium in a public setting within the park.
-3 hours each week assisting at interpretive events such as Game Night, American Roots Concert Series, and environmental education programs.
-The artist will be asked to share their experience with Washington State Parks and the Deception Pass Park Foundation. The narrative medium is flexible based on resident artist’s preference (written article, short video, interview for an article, etc.).

For their time and dedication, artists are provided with a $2000 stipend. The stipend can be structured to support up-front costs, to be determined with input from the finalist candidate. For more information about artist compensation, please download “Artist Compensation and Other Information”.

Please note, Ben Ure Island is only accessible by non-motorized boat. Scholarships to attend swim courses, water safety training, and non-motorized boat access are available to resident artist by scholarship. For more information, please download the “Artist Compensation and Other Information” (please go to listing for application).

The AiR program is open to a wide range of artistic and creative mediums and offered in partnership with the Deception Pass Park Foundation, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission’s (WSPRC) Folk & Traditional Arts Program, and Golden Bricks Events.

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