Disposable Traditions / Calls and Submissions

March 17, 2024

Organization Name: Bored Peach Club

Organization Location: Malta

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $20


The Disposable Traditions exhibition delves into the transient nature of cultural narratives and traditions, exploring the disposability of heritage in the face of a rapidly changing world.

Artists are invited to submit artworks that converge on the intersection of “Disposable Traditions” and the “Junk Culture” concept. The goal is to provoke thoughtful reflection on the fragility of cultural practices and the consequences of overlooking our shared heritage.

Artists are challenged to visualise the remnants of lost cultural narratives within the context of a “scrapyard of lost narratives.” Artworks may depict fragments of stories, forgotten symbols, and faded memories, akin to discarded items in a consumerist world.

The exhibition aims to weave together the narrative threads of cultures overshadowed or lost, emphasising the importance of preserving and cherishing diverse stories.

Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from the juxtaposition of cultural artifacts in a landscape of neglect, highlighting the consequences of neglecting traditions and the richness that diversity brings to our global heritage.


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