Doomscapes and the Digital Beyond / Calls and Submissions

March 3, 2024

Organization Name: ARC Gallery

Organization Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $40


Curator: Curtis Anthony Bozif

We invite artists of all backgrounds, age groups, generations, and stages of their career, working in all mediums, to submit work that explores the challenges to image, object, and meaning making in the context of die-offs, biodiversity loss, dead zones, extinction and the wild proliferation and unmitigated advancements in computational technologies. Work does not need to be digital.

With most natural systems on this planet in steep decline, cutting edge technologies are rapidly opening up vast new realms of discovery and innovation that promise to fundamentally change the way we, as humans, relate to each other and the world.

How does art, a technology with origins that stretch back to the dawn of symbolic human thought, negotiate a landscape beset by polycrisis (climate disruption, ocean acidification, pollution, natural habitat destruction, etc.)? How do artists find meaning in a culture where visuality is increasingly defined by the pixilated glow of a pulsing screen. A thoroughly digitized, interfaced, networked, and algorithmic society in which machines learn, intelligence is artificial, minds are extended, reality is virtual, and the future imagined as posthuman.

As the author, Erik Davis, puts it in his revelatory and prescient book, Techgnosis, “We live on the brink in a time of accelerating noise and fury, of newly minted nightmares and invisible architectures of luminous code that just might help save the day. The sense of an ending ruptures the false complacency of the everyday, and allows us to glimpse our global turbulence, if only for a blink of an eye, under the implacable sign of the absolute.”

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