Dreadful Beauty: History & Art from Gothic Pride Seattle / Calls & Submissions

April 7, 2024

Organization Name: Center on Contemporary Art

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Gothic Pride Seattle began in 2001 when Lancer Forney brought the Gay community and the Gothic community together. Established as an independent non-profit in 2015, Gothic Pride Seattle today celebrates LGBTQ+ identity through its programming, highlighted by an annual pageant. As a celebration of its history as well as its diverse forms of contemporary art, Gothic Pride Seattle (GPS) and Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) will present a group exhibition exploring the evolving aesthetic of Gothic identity in a wide variety of media. The Call is open to emerging and established artists working in any media in the Pacific Northwest.

Following the Gothic art exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston in 1997 (curated by Christopher Grunenberg), and Francesca Gavin’s Hell Bound: New Gothic Art (2008) which summarized the movement as “the art of fear,” our curators are interested in how the movement’s visual iconography (neo-punk, hardcore, metal, popular culture, eroticism, body horror, etc.) has changed in the wake of the pandemic and the recent attack on trans rights by conservative politics. Please keep in mind a general audience and viewership when applying, indicating any controversial work that the curators might include behind pipe and drape in the gallery. The gallery itself is 650 sq. ft with approximately 110 feet of linear wall space and ceiling of 15 feet.


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