Executive Director at OFT / Employment

July 31, 2023

Organization Name: Olympia Family Theater

Organization Location: Olympia, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


OFT is seeking an Executive Director to serve as the executive manager of OFT’s business, fundraising, and financial operations. The ideal candidate will be up to the challenge of leveraging their knowledge and expertise in fundraising, board development, community relationships, organizational management, and people engagement. Candidates should be dynamic, decisive, and excel in both high performing internal management and external relations, including the ability to work collaboratively with the community.

The preferred candidate will have significant experience leading a department or organization. Additionally, they will have a record of accomplishments in team management, community engagement, and implementing equitable and innovative solutions. Candidates should have a strong commitment to racial equity, including experience listening to, and creating space for diverse perspectives. The pursuit of inclusive and just outcomes must be at the center of their professional practice.

This is a full-time, 40-hour per week, with a $60,000 annual salary. We provide flexible working hours, and a generous vacation policy. We do not provide health benefits at this time. FULL DETAILS are available on our website. Any questions may be directed to Interim Director, Keri Kellerman: keri@olyft.org


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