Executive Director / Employment

February 22, 2022

Organization Name: Coyote Central

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for ensuring the successful fulfillment of Coyote’s mission while embodying all of the values that define Coyote culture. Success for the Executive Director will be a thriving, equitable, and sustainable organization that harnesses creativity to enrich the lives of over 1,000 young people each year.

Breaking from the traditional top-down hierarchy that puts undue pressure on an E.D., leadership at Coyote is collaborative and draws on the individual strengths and experience of its talented team. All staff members are decision-makers within their own well-defined domains, and the advice process is used to make collaborative decisions at both staff and Board levels. Coyote’s Equity & Inclusion Task Force and Youth Advisory Board bring other essential voices to decision-making. With all of that support and considerable assets – two sites, great partnerships, financial stability, and ~50 talented teaching artists — the Executive Director will have the opportunity to focus on the big picture and realize a powerful future.

Strategic Direction
• Defines the strategic direction of the organization in collaboration with Board and staff
• Ensures that all programs, policies, and values are in alignment with Coyote’s values and actively contribute to advancing its mission
• Prepares annual work plans that advance the strategic direction of the organization
• Collaborates with the Program Director to ensure consistent program quality and meaningful program evaluation
• Collaborates with the Communications Director to prepare annual reports and other collateral
• Collaborates with the Operations Manager to ensure smooth operation of all aspects of the organization
• Drafts policies and procedures for the Board to approve and review on an annual basis
• Identifies, assesses, and informs the Board of internal and external issues that affect Coyote and controls risks to Coyote’s property, finances, image, and goodwill
• Builds Board involvement in both ongoing initiatives and new endeavors and serves as ex-officio of each Board committee as needed or appropriate

Financial Management
• Ensures sustainable fiscal health through regular budget analysis and long-term financial planning
• Develops and manages the organization’s annual operating budget in consultation with Board Treasurer
• Oversees accounting practices and ensures compliance with GAAP and all city, state, and federal reporting requirements
• Develops program budgets, capital budgets, and other budgets as needed and tracks their progress
• Provides quarterly financial reports to Board
• Collaborates with the Development Director on the creation of an annual fundraising plan and engages Board in its execution
• Sets fundraising goals and works with development staff to achieve them in ways that are consistent with the principles of Community Centric Fundraising (CCF)
• Establishes and maintains relationships with institutional and government funders and with major donors

• Ensures that all aspects of Coyote’s communications reflect the organization’s values and forge positive connections with the community
• Represents Coyote at community activities to enhance the organization’s community profile
• Establishes new and builds on existing relationships with community groups, funders, organizations, businesses, and government entities to help achieve Coyote’s mission
• Develops collaborative relationships in the larger community to garner opportunities for Coyote youth
• Acts as a spokesperson for Coyote at community events and in the media

Staff Leadership
• Implements and oversees a staffing structure that optimizes Coyote’s ability to serve its mission
• Establishes policies and procedures that will maintain a positive, safe, and nurturing work environment
• Works with the Operations Manager and other relevant staff to recruit, interview, and select staff with the abilities, identities, and experience to further Coyote’s mission
• Coaches and mentors staff as appropriate to enhance their performance
• Provides regular feedback to each staff member and conducts staff self-evaluations and performance reviews annually
• Works with Board Finance Committee to ensure that both the Board and Coyote carry appropriate insurance coverage and that the Board and staff understand the terms, conditions, and limitations of that insurance

Skills & Aptitudes
• Great communication with any race or culture, both in person and in writing
• Powerful commitment to Coyote’s mission to engage youth in creativity
• Diversity of perspective and of lived experience
• Strong connections to the communities that Coyote serves
• Experience with budgeting and financial management, including GAAP
• Proven ability to fundraise in creative, community-centric ways
• Experience with and natural aptitude for managing people
• Inspirational vision and creative big-picture thinking

Preferred Qualifications
• 7+ years of experience in a leadership role, preferably at a nonprofit relevant to youth and/or the arts
• University degree or equivalent added experience in a director or manager role at a non-profit

Compensation & Benefits
Salaried, Full-Time, Exempt
Reports to the Board President / Executive Committee
Annual starting salary range: $85,000-$95,000
Standard benefits include: $8,000 annual “bonus” (alternative to in-house health benefit plan); 2% company contribution to a Simple IRA (independent of any employee contribution); 15 days/yr of PTO to start (up to 25 days/yr after 4 years); 7 paid holidays, plus an additional break in December; 3 days of paid community service leave; 8 weeks paid Family Leave; plus a flexible schedule, a family of talented and inspiring co-workers, and service to a terrific mission.

Application Process
To apply, please email new.leader@coyotecentral.org with a resume and a cover letter describing what draws you to apply and why you would be an excellent next leader of Coyote.

MISSION: Coyote sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their futures.
VISION: An equitable world powered by curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.
YOUTH IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT | The heart of what we do. We count on self-reliance to fuel curiosity and creativity.
FEARLESS EXPLORATION | We trust the process of taking creative risks. There is no one path and no one right answer.
REALIZING POTENTIAL | We rely on challenges and high stakes to encourage surprising outcomes and self-discovery.
EXPERTS AND BEGINNERS SIDE BY SIDE | We thrive in collaborative spaces where everyone is an equal partner in learning.
MAGNETIC CONNECTIONS | Our collective success is built on listening, powerful relationships, and igniting one another’s strengths.
HAVING FUN | Creativity is contagious. Spread the joy.

Coyote strives to lead with equity in everything we do. We acknowledge that our communities have been adversely affected by longstanding white supremacy and privilege, creating barriers in access to creative opportunities for low-income communities, immigrant and refugee communities, and communities of color. We aim to dismantle these barriers by engaging diverse voices in our decision-making processes and continually pursuing new knowledge about equity. We approach our equity work with respect, humility, and accountability, and with an organization-wide commitment to doing better.


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