Extinction Art Call / Calls & Submissions

November 10, 2019

Organization Name: Murze

Organization Location: London, UK

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: £6


Our latest artist call ‘Extinction’ explores decay, disregard and environmental consequences. Murze is seeking artists that’s work focuses on the political, social and morality of consumer culture and its environmental impacts.

Embracing new mediums and explorative techniques demonstrating the use of found disregarded materials or focusing on the documentary of decay and disregard of consumer items.

Artwork entered to this open call should demonstrate an understanding of our environmental impact and address consumer culture, and the destruction of planned obsolescence. Either through photography in the form of documentation i.e. exploring the process of consumption, the disregard of valuable materials. Or experimenting with the use of organic, found and reclaimed material, creating artwork that seeks to address consumer culture and climate change.

Artists may send in a portfolio of up to six images for consideration. Selected artists will be featured in issue nine and across our social media.

Images submitted must be at least 300 DPI
Non-refundable submission fee of £6
Deadlines for entry is the 10th November 2019
There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.

The works submitted will be reviewed and juried by the Murze team, and six artists and writers will be selected as feature artists as part of murze issue nine, coming out at the end of December. A further selection of artists will have work featured throughout the magazine. All other work will be featured across our website giving the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts.

For more information and to enter head to our website – https://www.murze.org/extinction


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