Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 Artist Residency / Residencies

March 15, 2022

Organization Name: Rockland Residency

Organization Location: Bremerton, WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: $20


Located in rural Bremerton, Washington, USA, in the Pacific Northwest, Rockland Woods will host its Fall and Winter Residency for inter/national and local artists working as writers, musicians, visual, performance and/or social practice and more. Selection Committee members will be experts in the fields of music, writing and visual art. Rockland provides opportunity to dedicated artists with exceptionally strong work samples. In addition to innovative samples, a successful application will be genuine and thought provoking. Resumes are not required. We accept emerging and established artists.

We are committed to providing opportunity to traditionally marginalized groups in terms of race and sexual orientation. To do this fairly, our Selection Committee will contain POC and LBGTQIA+ representatives. Rockland requests friends and organizations within those communities to post our Call to Artists. Our residency is free to allow greater access. The application fee is modest and used to pay our Selection Committee of artists for their expertise. If anyone feels this is an obstacle to applying for our residency, please email us for a waiver request. During the selection process, we are aware other groups can also be targeted for their age, ability, religion, gender and political beliefs. We strive to assemble a cohort of varied backgrounds and disciplines of art to stimulate an inspiring, sensitive and lively communal experience.


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