Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Artist Residency / Calls & Submissions

March 30, 2023

Organization Name: Rockland Residency

Organization Location: Bremerton, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $20


Rockland can support writers, musicians, performance and visual artists. Ceramics and woodworking facilities are available to artists working in this discipline. There is no obligation tied to this free residency. Residents are expected to work independently and gather for lunch and dinner daily.

Accommodations vary and are assigned according to resident needs. Some are private live/work spaces, shared rooms and private rooms in a main Lodge, outdoor furnished canvas walled tents with electricity, private studio structures and a 1948 vintage trailer. Studios are private. There is a shared ceramics studio and a full woodshop.

Rockland expects its residents to remain at the residency for its duration and avoid exterior obligations. Day trips to explore the area are supported. Any activity related to their creative process that may take the artist away from the residency location (Rockland Woods) is encouraged.


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