Fear In Technicolor / Calls & Submissions

September 1, 2021

Organization Name: The Anxious Tomato

Organization Location: Tacoma, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $5.00


Join The Anxious Tomato in a collaborative October art show. Fear in Technicolor explores the multifaceted world of fear in our society through visual artistic expression. Conceptualize your best portrayal of fear in high definition color.

Rules & Regulations:

This show will last the month of October, 2021 in our online gallery. Your information will be entered into our archive at the end of that month.

The work submitted can be collaborative but it must be submitted and presented as a collective whole. All artists involved will receive equal accreditation.

The Anxious Tomato has each month curated individually. Any submitted work will be subjected to a selection process once received by our curator.

All submissions for the limited show require a $5, non-refundable submission fee. You will be invoice

You will be required to submit at least one (1) high resolution image of your work in .jpg format.

If you choose to submit more than one image, it will be up to the discretion of the curator as to which image is selected for the show. Submitting multiple images does not guarantee a spot for you in the gallery.

Submitted image files must be 1MB or greater.

File title must contain the following information: name, medium, dimensions and price (Title of Artwork_Medium_Dimentions_Price.jpg).


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