Four (plus one) Elements – Interdisciplinary Residency in Tinos Island / Residencies

August 15, 2020

Organization Name: Kinono Tinos Art Gathering

Organization Location: Tinos Island, GR

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


Kinono Tinos Art Gathering introduces the thematic proposal “Four (plus one) Elements”, borrowing the four natural elements (earth, water, air, fire) and distinguishing their partnership in the creation, over time, of the peculiar natural and man-made environment of the island of Tinos. By creating different conditions of studying space, which monitor the cycle-chain of transformation from one natural element to another, Kinono imagines the partnership of a combination of two elements, under the influence of time, in each one of the hand-picked locations, as follows:
Fire-Water/Koumelas Quarries, Water-Earth/Plain of Komi, Earth-Fire/Ismael village, Fire-Air/Papargyras Lighthouse, Air-Earth /Kakia Skala, Air-Water/Livada Beach.

We invite participants to stay on the island for a period of three weeks, to work with natural matter, to reflect on current ecological, social issues, cultural and local issues, to establish collaborative communities, and to create original site-specific, collective, theoretical and tangible works in a non-urban environment.

Offered by the residency (more details in the pdf):
-Accommodation in rooms/and or hostels
-Round trip Athens-Tinos (exclusively from Rafina port)
-Sustenance during the introductory host activities (first 3days) and the closing activities (last 3days)
-Basic Food supplies
-Leased cars/coaches
-Partial cover of cost of transport (gas) to all residency sites
-Kinono can cover partial cover of production cost (early communication with Kinono is paramount) and
suggest solutions

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