Free Workshop for Autistic Artists / Calls & Submissions

October 8, 2022

Organization Name: SOLA Systems

Organization Location: London, UK (and Online)

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Free online workshop:

How to stop hiding and get visible as an autistic creative.

How to increase your visibility, agency, and energy towards creative satisfaction and financial sufficiency, (especially when your industry wasn’t designed with you in mind, ableism is real, and your habits of hiding feel hard-wired…)

Register for this 2 hour free training to find out.

This will not be about ‘life hacks’, or ‘overcoming’ narratives!

But practical frameworks and thinking that has been put to use and proven by the folks I have coached, who have gone from hiding from themselves and others, to owning everything that they are about – and then showing the value of it to the world, able to do so because they know it deeply in themselves.

Once you know how to see, know and be yourself, then you know how to be visible, create energy and maximise on your agency to shape your life as you would have it.

In this training, I show you how.

Neurodiversity affirming. Self identified welcome.
If you can’t make it live, do register anyway as you will receive the recording via email.

This free training is brought to you by The SOLA System + Siblings the online ‘unmasking unschool’ for late-identified autistic creatives. Create self clarity, and increase your agency and energy to shape a life that supports who you really are, alongside an expanding global community of neurodivergent / emergent change-makers, artists, creatives and visionaries.

The SOLA System is the name of a liberatory framework and support system for self becoming, created by artist and coach Louisa Shaeri, who has over 15 years experience in the creative industries, and over 2 years experience coaching autistic creatives on unmasking, self clarity and self becoming.

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