Get Paid $100 for a 15-20 Interview about your Artistic Social Media Career/Life / Calls & Submissions

June 18, 2022

Organization Name: FENIX360

Organization Location: Online

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


FENIX360 is looking for artists who have social media, a website, and ideally, a youtube video that showcases their craft (although it’s not mandatory to have everything). The interview would be about you and your life/career in the arts, and it would be 10-15 minutes long over Zoom (online). Check out the interviews that have already been completed by searching “FENIX 360” on Youtube or by clicking here:

In addition, we’d ask you to join the FENIX360 app, which is a free app that represents creators from all crafts. We would use your information to start your app for you and then send it to you to take over. You would not be signing over any of your rights whatsoever, and in addition to receiving $100, you would also receive 10,000 FNX Tokens. More info about the FNX token can be found here:

With that said, if you’re interested, please email me at, and send me the following information in the form of direct links where applicable:

Artist Name:
Phone (Optional):
Payment Info (Zelle/Venmo/Paypal/Cashapp – so we know where to pay you):
Apple Music:
Youtube Channel:
Youtube Video(s):
Additional Links:

And check out what this new and revolutionary app can do by watching this quick 40 second how-to video: Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you! 🙂 Ashley from FENIX360 (

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