Graphic Design Contractor / Employment

August 7, 2020

Organization Name: ThinkShout

Organization Location: Portland, OR

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


We are ThinkShout, a Portland-grown, certified B Corp dedicated to delivering exceptional web development, design, user experience, and strategy to the nonprofits and forward-thinking organizations that inspire us.

We’re looking for an experienced Graphic Design Contractor to create ongoing visual social media and marketing assets.

Based on the below contract requirements, please provide either:

a fixed bid for pricing; or an estimate of hours and timeline needed with hourly rate.

ThinkShout will not reimburse applicants for any time spent preparing contract bids or proposals for this work. Contractors will be required to sign an Independent Contractor Agreement at the start of our partnership.

Submissions will be evaluated based on quality of portfolio, availability, demonstrated commitment to justice work, and price. We want to prioritize the opportunity to partner with folks who identify with/as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or other oppressed or marginalized lived experiences. Please feel free to share anything that would help us better understand your experience (i.e. MBE certification, OAME member, PABA / LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce member, other).

Please base your bid estimate/estimate of hourly rate + timeline on the deliverables below:

Deliverable A: Visual Style Guide/Creative Direction for Social Media
The designer should produce a short visual style guide for our social presence. Format is flexible, but we will be looking for suggestions on color, typography, photography, and overall visual “tone”.

Deliverable B: 10 Specific Templates for Social (Primarily Instagram, but with the ability to be resized for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) as outlined below:

1. We’re hiring!

We want a fun, attractive way to announce that via Instagram! There should be a few of these that are cohesive, but different in case we need to post multiple of these within a short timeframe. (Ex. using same design with an editable color palette.)

2. Blog post announcements

A way to amplify new blog content authored by Thinkshout staff. Could integrate imagery from the blog post itself. Our blog can be found here:

3. Case studies

Image or series of images that showcases screenshots, device mockups, quotes and stats from our own projects. Case studies as they currently exist on the site can be found here:

4.Weekly Spark

TS produces a weekly newsletter (using mailchimp) that curates interesting/relevant/topical links from around the web. It has its own little visual identity that we are open to adjusting with this body of work. These visuals should amplify both the series (Subscribe to the Spark!) and individual issues “This week’s spark is focused on…” (example of current visual can be found at

5. Interviews with TS employees

Fun, creative ways to spotlight our staff’s voice and expertise. Could include headshots, personal pics, quotes, or insta takeovers.

6. General announcements/advocacy

A way to amplify an important message or other voices

7. Event promotion

What does it look like when we are on a panel or virtual conference?

8. “A closer look”

Something that dives deeper into our ThinkShout project process more than case studies. A way to highlight the process of the project, whether it be shots of wireframes, interviews with project staff, or presenting issues faced/solutions found during the project.

9. TS culture (these will be few and far between)

Playlists, favorites of things, book/podcast recommendations, TS recipes.

10. Landing page for insta “link in bio”.

Deliverable C: Banner Images

A branded “ideas for good” publication heading on Medium at

Hero image for banner, size up to designer’s discretion (see size options at Example of Wonderlab publication can be found at

Next Steps:

Please apply directly at

Our job portal only allows us to collect one PDF from you. Please submit your contract bid or proposal in the Resume section of the application. If you would also like to also include a resume (optional), or any additional info, make sure you combine them all into one PDF before you upload.

Bids are due before 5:00pm PST on August 7th, 2020. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the hiring manager for this contract, Director of Sales and Marketing, Julia Ford at

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