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Calls & Submissions

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SAAI factory

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SAAI Factory invites artists, designers, coders, technologists and creatives from all disciplines to explore artificial intelligence as a means and field of artistic practice. Our Open Call invites proposals that curiously, critically, and enthusiastically engage with the current possibilities of AI technology and propose alternatives to current developments such as style transfer.

The project aims to foster cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and new approaches towards artistic production: How does the interaction between humans, AI, datasets and neural networks shape the artistic process? How can we foster interoperability, or synesthesia, between the four domains of text, music, image and movement? Can AI share the momentum of creation, when inspiration comes into being?

SAAI Factory will provide for a space to experiment and prototype AI driven artistic projects and support selected works. Internationally renown and dedicated mentors of the field will review the artistic proposals and check them for feasibility, tools and skills needed to realize the project. A period of online social encounter and match-making will form international teams around the artistic proposals.



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