“Home Is Where The Art Is” | Holiday Market / Calls & Submissions

December 1, 2023

Organization Name: Vestige Concept Gallery

Organization Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Vestige Concept Gallery is accepting submissions for affordable art and craft items on a rolling basis for our holiday art market “Home Is Where The Art Is.” It’s free to apply to this open call for artists. We seek unique small art and/or craft items that shoppers would consider purchasing as gifts; set at affordable prices for casual art buyers. This call is specifically for items that are retail priced at $100 or less such as…

Prints (editioned or not, loose or framed)
Small crafts/sculpture
Handmade candles
Art books, zines, etc
Accessories (hats, scarves, bag, etc)
Authentic reproductions
When you submit your work, you’re not just gaining exposure – you’re joining a collective dedicated to promoting your art all season long. We’ll showcase your pieces to our clients and collectors through a multi-faceted approach, including:

Social Media: Your art will be featured on our social media platforms, reaching a wide and diverse audience.
Email Campaigns: We’ll include your artwork in our regular email newsletters to our subscribers, art enthusiasts, and potential buyers.

Ecommerce Website: Your creations will be included on our e-commerce website, allowing potential buyers to explore, inquire, and make purchases throughout the season.

Holiday Community Events: Beyond our online presence, we actively participate in various holiday community events. During these occasions, your art will be displayed and promoted, increasing its visibility among local art enthusiasts and potential collectors.

In-person Shopping Experience: Art is always better in person! Vestige Concept Gallery maintains consistent open hours for the public.

Our commitment to marketing and promoting your artwork throughout the season is aimed at ensuring that your creations receive the recognition they deserve. Visit our official call page on our website to learn more and apply!


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