Humanities Washington, Olympia / Stories Grant / Call for Organizations

July 23, 2019

Organization Name: Artist Trust

Organization Location: Artist Trust

Type: N/A

Fee: Free


Using everything from cave paintings to tweets, humans are born storytellers. Through stories we communicate our history, values, trials, and triumphs. But sometimes the voices of one group are drowned out by the voices of others because of size, disability, geographic isolation, marginalization, or other factors.

The purpose of the Washington Stories Fund is to record and share with the broader community the little-known stories of people or groups whose contributions add to the cultural richness and health of Washington State. Started with generous seed funding from the Lenore and Charles Hale Family Fund, the Washington Stories Fund is a tool to dismantle barriers and enhance cultural understanding.

The Washington Stories Fund is a general grant opportunity for which any nonprofit organization can apply. Awards are in the amount of $5,000 and recipients are selected through a competitive process. In 2019, we will award four grants of $5,000 to groups or organizations through a competitive process, and projects require a funding match. We are current accepting letters of intent. LOIs are due June 10 and full applications are due July 22.

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