IHRAM Publishes / Calls & Submissions

January 1, 2026

Organization Name: International Human Rights Art Movement

Organization Location: New York, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions


IHRAM Publishes, the literary magazine of the International Human Rights Art Movement, issues a call for art! No submission fee; $25 paid to artists accepted for publication.

Please submit your ARTWORK to submit@humanrightsartmovement.org, along with the following information:
-Your full name and/or pen name.
-Your country of residence.
-A photograph of you (high-resolution with no filters)
-A brief third-person bio (2-5 sentences). If your bio includes references of your past work, feel free to provide links!
-A brief foreword to your piece, explaining your inspiration for creating the piece, background information, and any other key insight for the reader.

The International Human Rights Art Movement gives voice to the most vulnerable people in the most difficult situations around the world, harnessing their passion, creativity, and positivity to address the pressing human rights challenges in their community.  We not only give their narrative a global stage, but empower them to find peace and effect change in their local communities.


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