Instructions for Imaginal Spaces / Residencies

January 15, 2021

Organization Name: The Shed

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


The Shed is currently accepting applications for participation in a semi-virtual residency titled “Instructions for Imaginal Spaces” for between 5-8 artists between January-July 2021. This program is being developed due to the ongoing pandemic in an effort to still utilize the space for artists whose practices are inter-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, post-disciplinary, site-specific, or are otherwise media-fluid in approach.

Coined by cognitive scientist and psychologist John Vervaeke, the term “imaginal” is descriptive of the serious play we often employ as artists—using artistic practice to consider, jostle with, and try on different ideas or ways of being to see how they function and who we become inside them. Artists accepted into the residency program are asked to respond to and incorporate the idea of The Shed as an imaginal installation space.

Artists can only be given limited physical access to the space at this time to accommodate the other uses of the space. Please note this opportunity is not suited for artistic team or groups. We cannot grant entry to the space other than the selected artist.

The residencies are approximately one week in length, depending on the project. It is not necessary to bring a project to completion, but you are asked to share your progress and process. Each residency will produce documentation of the artist’s work or process, an artist interview, and gallery publication on our forthcoming website Artist will also be given access to The Shed’s Instagram for the duration of the residency.

You are encouraged to use the residency to explore work you would not normally be able to make and to collaborate extensively with me and make use of my skill set, if needed, to fully realize your vision. Keep in mind that the space is currently converted for partial use as a movement and livestream studio, however, we will accommodate all ideas to the extent that we can!

The Shed’s Curated Aesthetic/Artistic Interests
Statement from Christin Call, Owner and Curator
I acknowledge that a process of selecting artists to receive opportunities also involves selecting from a certain viewpoint. Here is the kind of work that excites me as a curator and the kinds of artists I wish to support.

• Work that is involves complex practices
• Work that is difficult for others to categorize, seems unwieldy, baroque, or dense with information
• Artists who identify as womxn, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply
• Artists who are robustly experimental
• Artists who have lost their normal ability to make work due to COVID-19

Resources at your disposal
-You can work as closely with me as you like, utilizing my basic installation skills or background in dance. I can also be your soundboard or a point of feedback. My role is to facilitate your ideas as best as I can.
-There are some materials on hand here—such as fabric, costumes courtesy of Coriolis Dance, some scrap plywood and 2×4’s. We can discuss in detail, as needed.

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