Metamorphosis, Group Exhibition in Rome / Calls & Submissions

January 30, 2024

Organization Name: LoosenArt

Organization Location: Rome, Italy

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design

“Metamorphosis” is the theme of the exhibit scheduled for April 2024.
Metamorphosis as process that manifests itself through mutation and change, as a process determined by the passage from one state to another, and finally as one that in the biological cycle coincides with the breath of nature. Metamorphosis is here a phenomenon that instills the perception of becoming; it is where the transience of the state of things contains the deepest meaning of existence.
Beginning with myths in Greek mythology, probably inspired by natural phenomena, literature has built narratives based on mutations and transformations of people, animals and things, presented as entities that change shape but not their identity. Stories, tales and artistic productions have followed one another over the centuries up to the present day, permeating the phenomenon of Metamorphosis with meanings involving the broadest spectrum, ranging from the philosophical to the technical-scientific, from the biological to the psychological and social fields.

Photographers, Video Makers and Digital Visual Designers are invited to submit works responding to the theme, without limit of genres, techniques and styles.

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