Monarch Art Trail Request for Proposal / Calls & Submissions

April 23, 2021

Organization Name: Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County

Organization Location: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Northwest Florida is a part of the migratory pattern of the Monarch butterfly, and every fall we witness tens of thousands of these beautiful creatures enjoying the indigenous flora that lives in Walton County. The CAA celebrates this annual natural event each year with a children’s arts and science festival, The Flutterby Festival, held in the community of Watersound Origins near to where the Monarch Art Trail will be located.

The Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA) requests proposals from artists or artist groups to design, fabricate, and install small-scale or mid-scale permanent outdoor works of art along the Monarch Art Trail (MAT). Eight (8) pieces of work that are inspired by, representative of, or celebrating the natural environment of Northwest Florida and/or the natural migration of the Monarch butterfly through our region will be installed along a one mile stretch of bike path that connects Highway 98 with Scenic Highway 30A. The work can be interactive or participatory if it is safe for public use and can withstand long-term, outdoor environmental factors. The Trail will be complimented with seating, lighting, signage, and landscape design that includes native species attractive to butterflies.

The Monarch Art Trail will be an obvious north/south thoroughfare for cyclists, joggers and walkers connecting them from the neighborhoods of Watersound Origins to the Scenic Highway 30A bike path and beaches. It will also become a destination of cultural interest, especially during early Fall when it will be flooded with the migratory Monarch butterflies.

Installations must be fabricated from materials appropriate for public display in an unguarded, exterior environment. This includes the ability to withstand environmental factors and interactions with the public.

Eight (8) artists will be commissioned to develop selected proposals into 3D artwork that will be permanently installed along the Watersound Monarch Art Trail. The budget per artwork for this project is inclusive of all work including, but not limited to, design proposals, artists’ fees, design, engineering, lighting (if integrated into design), software, studio and project administration, travel, fabrication of sculpture, all materials, installation, and required documentation.

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