“Multiplexer” States of Democracy Video Art / Calls & Submissions

December 9, 2019

Organization Name: Lake Forest College

Organization Location: Lake Forest, IL

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Multiplexer: States of Democracy
Open Call For Video Art
Lake Forest College Sonnenschein Gallery
Submission Deadline: December 8, 2019

Exhibit Dates January 23 to February 20, 2020

The Lake Forest College Sonnenschein Gallery is seeking artists whose practice is influenced by and exhibits a bearing on the state of democracy in the United States.

Crucial to the success of democracy stand the challenges of equal representation, justice and human rights. Progress towards these goals can be fragile and recent election cycles have created salient evidence that deep regressions in democratic systems are warnings we must take seriously.

Fluctuating success in securing long standing progress imply that democracy is not simply practiced at the ballot box it is also a system needing regular maintenance, improvement and persistent engagement. Driven to explore the states of democracy, poignant artworks are effective vehicles through which we encourage discourse and provide rare opportunities to critique and examine its intricacies. Artist engaged in such discourse and critique are encouraged to submit works in video for consideration.

This exhibition is part of a long term project called Multiplexer. Multiplexer started in 2013 as a micro-gallery in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada by David Sanchez Burr. Although its run was short and Multiplexer has remained mostly dormant over the past few years, this curatorial opportunity has allowed for its resurrection. For more information about Multiplexer please visit: https://multiplexerspace.wordpress.com

David Sanchez Burr is an Artist and Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Expanded Media at Lake Forest College in Illinois.

Submission Guidelines:
Only digital forms of video will be accepted for this exhibit.
Video works will be exhibited in automatic loop mode.
Maximum of 2 entries.

To submit your work please send an email to sanchezburr@lakeforest.edu with the following submission Items:

Your Name or Group Name
Contact Information
Short Bio/Website Link
Title of Work Submitted
Online link to video submission (including guest username/password if needed)
Video Format Information (i.e. SD, HD, 4K, aspect ratio, vertical or horizontal)
Video Duration
Display Requirements
Credit list (if applicable)

Accepted artists will be asked to share a digital file in MP4 format that is suitable for commonly used video player hardware. This video will be on loan to Lake Forest College for the duration of the exhibit and will not be retained for any period thereafter.


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