Musician’s Grant & Studio Space / Funding

December 1, 2019

Organization Name: Crybaby Studios

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Funding | Studio/Work Space

Fee: Free


One band or musician will be awarded three months’ access to a spacious private studio with Pro Tools, microphones, a five pc. drum kit, and a PA to create and rehearse 24 hours a day. This grant is intended for artists in need of a space to make noise but cannot currently afford a rehearsal studio or recording time.

The mission of the Crybaby Musician’s Grant is to provide an artist or group of artists with a rehearsal studio and resources—history needs musicians, storytellers, and idols.

The CMG will be awarded on a quarterly basis to a band or individual that needs a space to create their music. The recipient/s will receive three months’ access to a private studio outfitted with basic recording gear, drum kit, and PA with 24-hour access to record and practice for live performances.

With the price of real estate in Seattle going through the roof, there is little extra cash for artists to rent a music studio. The goal of this fund is to support the local music scene and to promote the importance of access to creative space for every demographic. Crybaby is thrilled to offer this grant so talented musicians can focus on their art without having to worry about making the rent.

In the near-future, Crybaby hopes to grow the fund by throwing shows and asking for donations of cash, equipment, and services. Making music can be an expensive endeavor but we can’t imagine living in a world without music.

The CMG board members choosing the recipients are:
Leigh Stone
Sharlese Metcalf
Edward Wolcher
Alaia D’Alessandro
Marianne Goldin

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