NFT Collab – Square Squares / Calls & Submissions

August 7, 2022

Organization Name: Square Squares

Organization Location: Roncadelle, Italy

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


An NFT made with me for the “Square Squares” collection on OpenSea. (once a day from August 13 until the winners finish [the number of winners will depend on how many files I like a lot out of the ones I receive])

read this rulebook, lol

Use a square sheet (preferably at least 2000*2000px) and throw anything on it, as long as you love it: text, images, photo, photomontages, drawings, vectors, and more.
As you can see from some of my pieces on the other pages of this website I am obsessed with strange abstract colored vector shapes.

Email it to me at:
If you have more squares, I recommend that you send them all to me in the same email.
As object: “Call For Artist – Square Squares” or something similar.
I would prefer to receive Illustrator files, but other file types should work as well.

If I particularly like what I have received I will contact the creator to notify him, then I will modify his project merging it with my style, then I will create the NFT in the “Square Squares” collection on OpenSea and I will give it to him, as I said before, potentially there may be many winners.

The full rights (commercial and all the rest) of the NFT belong both to me and to the other person who contributed to the creation, but beware that the only officers will be those present in “Square Squares” on OpenSea, all the others they are fake.
(obviously after receiving the NFT you can sell it when you want and at the price you want)

I recommend that you at least enter the Discord server, and if you like to follow me on social networks, or subscribe to the newsletter

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