On::View, A Funded Artist Residency / Residencies

December 6, 2021

Organization Name: Sulfur Studios

Organization Location: Savannah, GA

Type: Residencies

Fee: $50


On::View Artist Residency Program

Applicants will be notified by December 15th.

Apply here: https://sulfurstudios.org/onview-residency-app

Located in the heart of Savannah’s Starland District at Sulfur Studios, the ON::VIEW Artist Residency provides a free, high visibility studio space for an artist to complete a focused project. The studio’s large windows look out onto Bull Street, the district’s main street, allowing the artists’ work to be on view to the community at all times. Sulfur Studios’ visitors and passersby on the sidewalk witness the artists’ process as it unfolds in real time, seeing all the steps involved from concept to final execution. Community events like workshops, performances, public art projects and artist talks, offer creative ways to interact with the public. From fiber to found object, wearable sculpture to 3D printed jewelry, the ON::View Residency supports artists working in all media and from across the globe.

Just five blocks east of the Residency Studio, the 5th Dimension Apartment features a full kitchen, bath and main room to comfortably house the Artist (+1 guest if requested) for month-long residency stays. The 5th Dimension Apartment has a private gated entrance and private garden with plenty of space to create, lounge and entertain. It is our hope that by providing lodging for ON::View Artists that we will accommodate a diverse range of creatives from far and wide, as we continue to fulfill our mission to make Savannah a destination for the arts.

Info about accommodations:

The 5th Dimension Apartment is located 5 blocks east of Sulfur Studios. It has a private gated entrance and private garden. It has a small but full kitchen with sink, 4-burner electric stove, refrigerator, dishware and basic cooking supplies. The bathroom is small with a standup shower. There is a closet with a small lofted area for additional storage. The apartment is equipped with wifi and TV. A queen sized bed with underneath storage allows the room to remain uncluttered. The main room is approximately 225 sq ft, and the high ceilings and 4 large windows that look out onto the garden give the space a comfortable and easy-going atmosphere, with great light in the mornings. The private garden measures approximately 450 sq ft and comes equipped with a hammock and comfortable seating, with a rotating native plant and edible garden depending on the season. On the other side of the apartment there is a larger garden with grapefruit, orange, lemon and banana trees and other beautiful plants. The 5th Dimension bicycle is available to each resident for easy transportation around the city.

Application Process: 

Applications will be judged on overall quality of work and the level of community engagement afforded by the proposed project.

Step 1. Click Here to pay the $50 application fee. If the fee is an undue burden please let us know about your situation in your proposal and we may choose to waive the fee at our discretion.

Step 2. Email info@sulfurstudios.org with a proposal that includes the following:

– Project Description (Maximum 2 pages):

What do you plan on working on during the residency? Please be specific. Residency periods of more than 1 month are available; If you are interested in a longer residency period, what would you do with the added time and how would you take a deeper dive into the community aspect of the program?

What needs and limitations do you have in terms of the work space?

How will you utilize the windows to share your process with visitors outside normal hours?

What type of community engagement programming would you like to do?

Which month(s) are you available for a residency? Rate the months that you would prefer in order from 1 – 5. We cannot guarantee that if accepted you will be given your top rated time slot.

Also include the following:

  • Artist Statement
  • Resume and/or Biography
  • Website link that includes 8-10 images of recent work – Does not have to be the exact work you will be creating during the Residency, but should demonstrate the style and quality of your work.


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