Open Call for Artist in Residence Berlin 2019-2020 / Residencies

January 1, 2021

Organization Name: coGalleries

Organization Location: Berlin, GER

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


coGalleries is pleased to announce the open call for Artist in Residence Program Berlin. As a contemporary art gallery with a beautiful space in the center of town, we are interested in production-oriented artists and diverse cultural agents like writers, researchers, curators and others interested in creative projects, research and collaboration within the contemporary arts. Applicants with own residencies and organizations that are looking for collaborators, please also apply or contact us via email. There are two residency opportunities: a studio only residency or a more extensive master residency with coaching, portfolio work and further. Studio residencies will be able to present the works in a studio opening. Master residents will have the chance to participate in one of our group and/or solo exhibitions at our gallery in the city center of Berlin.

How to Apply:
We accept applications on a rolling basis. All residents can apply via the application form. Make sure to include a CV, as well as a minimum of 3 jpg images showing your artistic process and exhibition documentation. Granted your selection, these images might be used on our social media channels, e-mail campaigns, print invitations, websites and catalogues. File names should include exactly in this order your first and last name, the title of the work, the year and the photo credits.

Contact Information:
coGalleries GmbH

Herzbergstr. 40-43

Fahrbereitschaft – Haus Riegel

10365 Berlin


+49 176 4075 6029

We have 2 types of Residency Opportunities: 1. Artist Residency Berlin (Studio Only) with fee: 500,00 € / per month. The second option is: Master Residency Berlin (Studio, Coaching and Gallery Show) with fee: 1400,00 € / per month . For more information check our website.


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