“Open Themed” – Free Entry, $1,000 Award Competition / Calls & Submissions

March 13, 2024

Organization Name: Blue Space Gallery

Organization Location: USA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Blue Space Gallery introduces the inaugural “Open Themed” international competition and online exhibition. This competition is open to artists of all ages internationally with no restrictions on media or style. All subjects and themes are welcome. Entry is FREE, only artists whose work is selected as finalists must pay the $35 participation fee. Finalists will have their work exhibited online and move on to the final round of Jurying in consideration for cash prizes and the opportunity to win the grand prize of $1,000.


Open Themed: this competition invites artists to explore boundless expression without constraints, celebrating the freedom to innovate and express themselves authentically; this competition fosters a welcoming environment for diverse interpretations of openness, encouraging participants to transcend conventional norms and embrace their individuality through various mediums such as paintings, sculptures, digital art, and mixed media, thus inviting artists to not only push the boundaries of artistic convention but also to collectively celebrate the infinite potential of creative expression


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