Opening at North Seattle Artists House / Housing

May 3, 2021

Organization Name: Living Artists Collective

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Housing

Fee: Free


We have an opening in our North Seattle artist collective home for May/June, depending on current remodel progress. The spot is open to those who have a visual element to their artwork, keep some form of a portfolio (Instagram feed counts), are over 21, conscious of Covid safety, NOT currently a student or planning to become one while a resident, and excited about the opportunity to participate actively in an intentional community. We are not simply looking to fill the room; we want you to be a core part of this collective we’re building.

The home is a beautiful and spacious mid-century modern with 4 beds and 3 baths. There’s a large living and dining area, garage workshop, communal studio space, backyard hot tub, and fresh kitchen remodel (happening now; slated to be done when you move in). The available room is downstairs, 16×11 with a built-in desk and lots of light via the south and west-facing windows. Bathroom is shared with the other downstairs resident. The rate is $900/mo which INCLUDES utilities and basic shared food/other items.

We are a home of intention and communication. What this means for you is participating in weekly meals, contributing ideas and time to furthering the Collective, maintaining your own artistic practice, and being very vocal about your needs and any issues that arise. We are aware this is asking a fair amount of you! If you’re interested, please read our ad and see photos via the link. That document contains our contact email and a list of information we want to know about you.

Opportunity Website

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