Organized Mischief / Calls & Submissions

October 8, 2023

Organization Name: Center on Contemporary Art

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


In our next exhibit, in recognition of the fading light and return of the rains, CoCA celebrates the diverse Spirit(s) of the Season.

Numerous cultures honor the veil between life and death, between this world and the next. CoCA itself has recently risen from the dead. Whether it’s the Celtic SAMHAIN, HALLOW’S EVE, ALL SOULS or the Hispanic DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, the Hero Twins who journey to Xibalba and back in Mayan cosmology, or even Stingy Jack and his carved Turnip, all pay tribute to those who’ve passed and the thin line that divides us. Perhaps it’s worth keeping in mind that while “..discensus ad Advernus facile est…” (Latin saying, ‘the descent to the Underworld is easy’), the return to light can be difficult (Orpheus and Eurydice).

Please submit your interpretation of such realms of the netherworld and their commemorative festivities, be they “tricks or treats” like masks, urns, reliquaries, hourglasses, bells and sound, neon, compost, ouija boards, joss paper sculptures, obsidian mirrors, textile, encaustic, Dorian Gray portraits, spirit photography, etc., in any media consistent with the limits of CoCA’s modest 650 sq. ft. gallery in Pioneer Square. Too many options? The theme can also be simplified to contrasting elements of light and dark. De-extinction as a process. Abstraction is welcome. Bonus points for work that reflects cultural traditions beyond the mainstream.

Organized Mischief is open to emerging and established artists in any location (shipping to be paid by artist). There is no fee to apply. To be considered, submit the following by the deadline of Sunday October 8 at midnight to with subject line “OM”:

· Up to six images, max. 3 MB each (Your choice of number of pre-existing works, not to exceed six in total with one shot of each). Please attach individually and not in a zip file which we must then painstakingly open to transfer files. Label with last name, underscore, and number, e.g., Smithson_01, etc.
· Artist statement with specific reference to theme, 150 words or less
· Artist Bio, 150 words or less

Submissions will be juried by CoCA with the following selection criteria:
· Strength of submitted work (mastery of material; originality; composition; irony;)
· Connection to theme
· Feasibility for exhibition in small gallery space with up to 20+ other artists, lighting requirements, audio visual requirements,
· Equity aspect as self-identified in Bio as well as Statement (especially under-represented versions of cultural interpretations of seasonal passage involving transition from living to dormancy; winter solstice, etc.)
· List of work submitted with titles, dimensions, year of fabrication, media, price if for sale

Additional details:

Call announced, promoted: September 15
Submission period: September 15 – October 8
Replies to all applicants: Sunday, October 15
Drop off (114 Third Ave S. Seattle, WA 98104): Thursday – Saturday, October 26 – 28 (12p – 4p)
Opening: Thursday, November 2
Pick Up: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday November 30, December 1 and 2 (12p – 4p)

· Drop-off delivery of artwork is preferred.
· Shipping both directions to be paid by artist.
· Artists will be asked to sign a loan agreement, to be included with shipment or submitted at drop off.
· Work is insured while on display at CoCA.
· Sales are split 60/40, Artist / CoCA, inclusive of sales tax. (Current CoCA Members, if selected, receive 70/30 split).

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