Manifest Gallery, OH / Packaged / Call for Artists

January 1, 1970

Type: N/A


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, presents an open call for artwork about or made using packing materials.

The stuff is all around us, to the point of becoming a global bio-crisis, yet at Manifest we have seen sublime and compelling works of art give new life and meaning to such cast-off materials from time to time. Whether through pure recycling of pre-used materials into new forms, by employing them ‘virgin’ to create art, or by making more traditional work about them, we invite artists to share works of art focused on, created from, or made about packaging materials of any and all types.

All types of work are welcome, including traditional and non-traditional approaches in any media, and any subject, non-objective, abstract, conceptual, etc.

Artists are encouraged to take a broadly creative view of the theme. The artists we invite to jury our exhibits enjoy surprise, creative solutions, and most of all exceptionally well put together visual art. The bottom line is that work must be by, of, or about packaging materials.