Painting Forest / Calls & Submissions

June 20, 2020

Organization Name: bG Gallery

Organization Location: Santa Monica, CA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $22.00 USD


Art is a living thing. Artists plant the seeds of Art, and the audience cultivates Art’s growth. A Forest for the Trees is an exhibit of freestanding art works that form a veritable forest of art within the gallery. Artwork is both figuratively and physically “off the wall,” and seemingly growing on the floor throughout the gallery. Art works vary in size and shape furthering a sense of growth. The viewers move freely through the labyrinth of the artworks, becoming themselves an intrinsic element of the aesthetic forest.

All submissions must be free standing. All mediums are valid, as long as they are no wider than 13” wide max, 36″ high minimum. Various heights are encouraged, as this exhibit simulates a growing forest. Due to floor space only around ten pieces will be selected.

-Exhibit will take place late summer 2020

-Artists must cover their own costs of delivery to and from the gallery. 2525 Michigan Ave #A2, Santa Monica 90405

-If included in the exhibit standard gallery 50/50 splits for art sales will apply

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