PaperWork Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

December 1, 2021

Organization Name: Glen Arbor Arts Center

Organization Location: Glen Arbor, MI

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $35


This exhibition is about works on paper, and works made from paper. It focuses on paper used in a wide array of applications – works on paper [prints, paintings, drawing], books, paper constructions + sculptural objects; work that explores new ways of using this common material for uncommon ends, or introduces paper to contexts where it is not expected; work that manipulates/recycles/reuses paper in fresh, unexpected ways; work in which paper is cut, folded, glued, stamped, sliced, pulverized, marked, soaked, saturated, ripped, torn. Paper is a common, ubiquitous material. How can it be reinvestigated and redeployed?

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