Permanent Public Artwork for Community Room / Calls & Submissions

November 15, 2019

Organization Name: The AMP

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway seeks an artist/artist team to create a permanent public artwork to be sited inside the Community Room of Capitol Hill Housing’s Station House (on the transit-oriented development (TOD) site). In alignment with The AMP Master Art Plan, The AMP will have multiple elements, each focused on different emotional and symbolic aspects. The artwork in the Community Room should align with the aspect of Honoring Community Courage & Resilience, and is encouraged to recognize the ways women have been a part of the legacy of HIV/AIDS.

The artwork for the Community Room will honor the individuals and groups that have fought AIDS, then and now, with a particular focus on women affected by HIV/AIDS, as caretakers, activists, leaders, and survivors. The room will be named for a prominent local woman and the artwork is funded by a female philanthropist. The Community Room Artwork should be work that can connect with multiple communities or be developed with collaboration from communities.

Suitable Art Media/Materials: The community room will be a public space used for community gatherings and meetings. The reinforced wall for the artwork is along the south side of the room and measures 36′- 8 3/8″ wide by 10′-0″ high. Artwork may also be proposed on, or in place of, the suspended ceiling tiles in the room. Appropriate media and materials may include, but are not limited to, mural, wall installation, photographs/photographic elements, colored/treated acoustic tiles, etc. The artwork for the Community Room should not impede the primary functions of the room for meeting and gathering. The wall installation should take into account practical considerations such as public access and noise.

Budget: The selected artist/artist team will receive a commission of $85,000 to design, fabricate, and install the artwork. This amount shall be inclusive of all taxes and other expenses, such as transportation, insurance, materials, subcontractor expenses, and so forth.

Application requirements:

  • Letter of Interest (not to exceed 2,000 characters). Please provide a statement describing your interest in this unique opportunity, addressing how you are qualified, how you would honor the history and culture of the communities impacted by AIDS (women, LGBTQ, POC, QTP), and what you consider the role of activism and art in civic life.


  • Audio/Video Statement (not to exceed 1.5 minutes in length). Please provide a short audio/video statement speaking directly to why you are interested in this project.

This should not be a highly produced/edited video. It should be a short recording that speaks directly to your qualifications and how your work would fulfill the intended scope. This option is to provide an opportunity for individuals who feel they can represent themselves better verbally, versus in writing through the letter of interest (for example, applicants for whom English is a second language and/or other considerations).

  • Work Samples. Five to ten artwork images.
  • Image Identification List (not to exceed 500 characters for each image). List files by name with a short, clear explanation for each. If you completed a project as a team member, the image identification should indicate your role for each image submitted.
  • Résumé. No longer than two pages. Your résumé should summarize your experience as an artist.
  • Three references. The name, email, and phone number for three professional references who can speak to the quality of your work as an artist and, if possible, collaborator within a design team.

Selection Criteria:

  • Artistic quality exemplified in work samples
  • Demonstrated experience working with design teams
  • Demonstration of commitment to the values of this project, which may include an interest in LGBTQ culture and history, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Seattle and beyond, and those communities most impacted by HIV/AIDS
  • Ability to think conceptually and create signature work responsive to various site conditions and community input
  • Strength, creativity, and appropriateness of letter of interest

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway is committed to reflecting the diversity and cultural richness of our city in the selection of artists and artworks, and fully supports universal accessibility.

Selection Process & Timeline: The selection process will take place in two parts. During the first round, a panel of arts professionals, client representatives, and community members will review the applicants’ images, qualifications, and other materials to identify a short list of artists to invite to create a proposal. These selected artists will have a stipend and 4 weeks to create a proposal. One proposal will then be selected by the panel to be awarded the commission.

  • Friday, November 15, 2019 6 p.m. PST – deadline for application
  • Mid-November – selection panel meets, and invites shortlisted artists to submit proposals
  • Mid-December – proposal deadline
  • Late December – proposal selected, artist commissioned
  • May 2020 – Station House opens with artwork installed

Notification of Results: Applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by email by November 25, 2019.

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