‘Photography Eyes’ Virtual Exhibition Open Call / Calls & Submissions

March 20, 2024

Organization Name: Carlotta Photography

Organization Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Dear photographers, My name is Carlotta. A photography lover. In a fast-changing digital world, I believe that an Online Exhibition can offer an immersive space to present diverse perspectives, connect with a global audience, and overcome geographical boundaries.

Titled ‘Photography Eyes’ this Exhibition invites photographers from all over the World to contribute their visions through their eyes. As photographers, we are not just documentarians; we are storytellers, capturing moments that resonate with the emotions, beauty, and complexities of life.

This virtual Exhibition aims to make the beauty of photography easily accessible to photography lovers worldwide and to form a community of Artists who can engage, appreciate, and celebrate the Art of photography. In a world full of incredible photographers, there is so much undiscovered beauty waiting to be seen.

Your lens, your eyes, and your story are crucial elements in the composition of this artistic journey. Together, we can communicate through the universal language of photography.


Applying for this Exhibition opportunity is free! Kindly submit your application to photography.carlotta@gmail.com

Your submission should include the following:
– Your full name and email address
– Your Instagram handle
– A short biography + your Artist statement (briefly describe how your work relates to the theme) – 200 words max.
– Artwork Details: Title, size, year, and price (if applicable).

You can submit a maximum of 3 images for consideration, noting that only 1 artwork from each Artist will be exhibited.

Kindly submit your files in JPG format.


Your work will be featured in an exclusive Online Exhibition launching in 2024.
You will receive a free PDF copy of the Exhibition Catalogue.
You will receive a free Certificate of Participation.

Application for this exhibition opportunity is free of charge.

Upon selection for the Exhibition, a nominal fee of £15 will be applicable for the showcased artwork.

Feel free to reach out at photography.carlotta@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Find me on Instagram! @carlottaphotographyuk

Good luck with your application!

Carlotta Olympia Pompei


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