PNW Artists for Art-On-Demand Digital Gallery / Calls & Submissions

December 1, 2019

Organization Name: Apex Art Lab

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Interested in making extra, passive income off of your art?

Apex Art Lab is developing a collection of PNW artists to participate in our art-on-demand program. The gist is you provide us high-res images of your work (whatever 2D medium you work in!) and when someone chooses your work, you make 20% off the print cost and we handle the all of the actual production and associated costs.

This program will serve as a love letter to our community: to support our local artists with passive income and provide interior designers and other industry professionals access to reproduce-able, local artists’ works.

We do not sell loose prints or canvases, only full produced (framed, stretched) works. More information is available via email at

Opportunity Website

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